Joanie Turbek

The Cloud Piece



TheCloud from JoanieTurbek on Vimeo.


Christmas lights, netting, unistrut, zip ties, electronics

The Cloud Piece is a canopy built from Christmas lights that have been clustered so that they create a singular mass. The piece builds electricity until it’s charge is released, reverberating through the canopy in an uncontrolled manner. This outpouring of energy activates sections of lights as it dissipates. The sounds of the electromechanical switches flipping are miked and amplified, creating an audible manifestation of the energy’s movement through the piece. The tangle of lights draws a visual connection to images of clouds in our atmosphere, electrical impulses in our brain and modern technological systems. The viewer is encouraged to lay under the piece to appreciate the outpouring of energy, both violent and beautiful.

Categorised as: Work

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