Joanie Turbek

Destruction by Design


DestructionByDesign from JoanieTurbek on Vimeo.


Ceramics, wood, epoxy

A ceramic tree stands in the gallery during a busy opening, The tree is in full bloom with warmly colored flowers covering its branches. For five dollars, the gallery goers are allowed the opportunity to “pick” one of the flowers by breaking the fragile porcelain branch that holds it to the tree. The flowers are sold throughout the evening until they have all been removed. The tree will remain on display until the end of the show.

Participants will be invited to approach the tree in small groups. They may take their time looking through the branches until they find the perfect flower to pick. They will gently snap the flowers free while other gallery goers watch their performance. Participants are encouraged to talk and have fun while interacting with the piece, blissfully destroying the source of their amusement.

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